Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gorgeous movie stars and butchers

I put on my “movie star” dress* this morning with purple tights and high-heeled boots. We drove off into the yonder to a craft fair in a medieval village called Ditchling. Not quite appropriately clad for a village outing; but what do I care: I laugh in the face of propriety! I felt lovely. I will probably look at photos of myself in this dress in years to come and go: what was I thinking! In my sorting out in SA, Ariel and I spent hours looking at old photos. And so often she would say: mom, what ARE you wearing?? And I would go: I made that dress; I loved it! Or: I made those flower trousers: they were my favourite. But she was right, as always: some of the outfits did look horribly garish. Now there’s a job for you, Ariel: personal stylist. You can be my personal stylist anytime.

Nicki related a story to me how years ago, she and her family went in to Harrods (? John Lewis?) and each had to chose an outfit for someone else and they had to try it on (no questions or complaints). I can imagine there was much giggling as well as funny looks from the shop assistants. I think you have to choose your personal stylist with care!

Today in Horsham, we went into the butcher’s to buy some flesh (some antelope or something)** and I was presently surprised to see the most glamorous butcher I have yet seen! I told her this. She said she has been called the Joan Collins of butchers (you can tell from this that she is not so young). I liked the fact the she got up at 4 this morning and managed to put on a gorgeous face for her customers and for herself. That she isn’t content to hide behind the racks of meat and be dreary and ordinary. Well done Madame Butcher!

* I bought the dress from Big Blue in Fourways Mall. I love their clothes: although they are quite expensive, they have unusual styles. I tried this dress on because I loved the look of it. The sales assistant, a very flamboyant African lady, told me it looked wonderful (as they do obviously); my personal stylist (Ariel) told me I looked like a movie star! She knows what to say (she was eyeing some trousers in the shop)! So I call this my movie star dress. Ariel did later say that she had seen some off-beat sci-fi movie where the actress had worn a dress similar… (sort of… not the same at all…)

** It wasn’t actually antelope, just some beef

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