Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lily goes to the v.e.t. for x-rays

So today my humans haven't fed me breakfast! Now they are putting my leash on (yay, walkies my favourite) and we are getting in the big-dog-that-growls-loudly-with wheels and away we go.

I should have known! To the v.e.t. It is ok , we are just sitting in the big-dog-that-growls-loudly-with wheels (it isn't growling or moving now, just sitting outside the v.e.t.) The MOM says something about being ate(?) and she takes me inside. They all love me in here, because I am sooo cute and I look at them with my big brown eyes and they all want to keep me (hehe). MOM says something about butter not melting in my mouth, but it wouldn't melt in mouth... I would just gollup it down into my timmy-tummy. Ohhhh I am so hungry, I wonder why MOM didn't feed me?

I stand on the v.e.t. table and then they take me away and put me in a small nest, not my own one at home... Then they take me out, they are very nice to me, and put me on another table (it smells funny) I am verrrrrrrrrrry sleeeepy.

I wake up, I hear someone calling my name and then they feed me!! Not my humans, but they are nice humans, so I gobble their food. Then I sleep some more. I also talk a lot, I keep asking where MOM and ARI are, but the humans don't tell me. I wonder what they have done with MOM and ARI...?

I am still sleepy and I can hear MOM and ARI. They are back! My wag is tailing so hard, but I can't filt my safe... Sleep.

[Lily has been diagnosed with Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, which is treatable - she will need an operation on her hip bone].