Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lily goes to the v.e.t. for x-rays

So today my humans haven't fed me breakfast! Now they are putting my leash on (yay, walkies my favourite) and we are getting in the big-dog-that-growls-loudly-with wheels and away we go.

I should have known! To the v.e.t. It is ok , we are just sitting in the big-dog-that-growls-loudly-with wheels (it isn't growling or moving now, just sitting outside the v.e.t.) The MOM says something about being ate(?) and she takes me inside. They all love me in here, because I am sooo cute and I look at them with my big brown eyes and they all want to keep me (hehe). MOM says something about butter not melting in my mouth, but it wouldn't melt in mouth... I would just gollup it down into my timmy-tummy. Ohhhh I am so hungry, I wonder why MOM didn't feed me?

I stand on the v.e.t. table and then they take me away and put me in a small nest, not my own one at home... Then they take me out, they are very nice to me, and put me on another table (it smells funny) I am verrrrrrrrrrry sleeeepy.

I wake up, I hear someone calling my name and then they feed me!! Not my humans, but they are nice humans, so I gobble their food. Then I sleep some more. I also talk a lot, I keep asking where MOM and ARI are, but the humans don't tell me. I wonder what they have done with MOM and ARI...?

I am still sleepy and I can hear MOM and ARI. They are back! My wag is tailing so hard, but I can't filt my safe... Sleep.

[Lily has been diagnosed with Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, which is treatable - she will need an operation on her hip bone].

Friday, January 28, 2011

Lily - the reign continues

So today, when MOM and ARI - these humans actually have pet names for each other - went out, MOM left me her handbag to play with. It was very nice of her because usually I am not allowed to riffle through her bag. I found a crunchy writing thing that the humans make marks on paper with. It didn't taste like much but made nice crunchy noises when I bit it into little pieces. There were 2 round balls, that MOM calls naaaaaaarchies. They did not taste good, but I left my teeth imprints in them. Then I found my favourite: a container with a label on. I chewed the label off and then the tin thingy was soft so I chewed it because there was some interesting smell coming out of it: sweets! But I ate a few of these then started to feel funny, like all floaty and things were looking all streeeeetched and wobbly. KYLE and SARAH - the new humans in my house, put on my leash and wanted to go waklies, no... walkies, that thing where you drag them in the forest or they drag you...

The houses were all funny and sideways and the trees were looking at me. So I had to sit down. There was this stringthing around me and it was telling me to lie down but the humans were saying Lily walk. I was confused so I sat down in the middle of the road.

The we were in the forest and the trees were funny colours and they were walking around and talking to each other, so I said I wanted to go home. The humans took off the string thing... it's usually a leassssh but this one was wobbly and twangy...

They carried on walking and left me with the singing trees. Then I had to run and run andrunandrun in circles. The there was a very cheeky dog who laughed at me so much that she fell over so I had to attack her. Her humans looked at me down their veeeeery long noses and had a cross look. Although I couldn't see too well, because one of my eyes decided to look over theeere.

K & S (my new humans) were also cross and they took me home. MOM and ARI were laughing at me too, I think so but they were standing on the walls loooooking at me. MOM said something about phoning the vet because I seemed to be 'high' on 'Strepsils' - I think they were talking about the sweets I ate...

I have to sleeeeeeep now....