Saturday, October 16, 2010

Diary of Lily (Jackage, Master of the world - as she knows it)

We went for a Lily-walk. I was given treats every so often whilst trotting next to one of my humans: GOF (Giver of Food). Not sure why I was getting them - these humans are a little odd- GOF would say "heel" and I'd think "What! Where?" and look around from behind her foot to make sure all was safe, and then she'd give me a treat and say "good girl!" Very odd human this one. Oh well, it keeps her happy I suppose.

Such yummy smells in the forest, but GOF kept me on my leash and would pull me away from the lovely warm smells EVERY TIME just as I was just about to roll in and cover myself in the smells!

We met some BIG shoebox dogs, ugly things really - who would WANT to be a big ugly shoebox! I stood politely behind GOF while she talked to Shoeboxes' humans and then Shoebox 1 comes over and starts sniffing my pretty unders! One should have some choice in life about who gets to sniff one's unders!

Further on there was this GIANT slipper that came running over to us, and I thought "Fine, this is how it ends for pretty Lily: smothered to death by a giant slipper..." But Skye (he had blue eyes and a husky voice) turned out to be quite friendly and his owner gave me some 'yog-hurt drops' - hadn't had those before. The human told GOF a funny story about a chihuahua, and GOF laughed. I didn't mind because I was getting treats, and Skye was looking at me and I was being pretty for him.

Then GOF let me off the leash and in front of me was a big black flying dog. I think GOF called it a Rayvin. It was standing looking at me, so I ran as fast as my (pretty) (strong) (muscular) (just right) legs would carry me - and I scared the silly Flying-Dog-Rayvin away. hahahaha

Then we saw some little round dogs, the ones with fluffy round tails and long ears that dive into holes in the ground when you see them (wabbits? bobbits?). I wanted to chase them too but GOF had put me back onto the leash because there were humans with bags on wheels and sticks and balls walking around. So I just sniffed at them and told them I'd be back.

There were also some tiny dogs with really long tails that can climb trees. Every time GOF sees one she says "Skirrel!" and the little Long-Tails skirrel up the tree. She seems to have some power over them. I must learn of this power so I can use it... to take over the world!

Went for Lily-walk with BOC (Big One Cuddly). He lets me be free more than GOF. I manged to roll in the lovely warm smelllll!! and then when we got home GOF put me in some water and rubbed smelly stuff on me and wet me all over. I am shivering with cold as I write this...

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  1. Lovely writting - you really paint pictures with your words DD xxxx