Saturday, October 23, 2010

Diary of Lily (Mistress [I am a girl] of the world as she knows it)

So today, my humans go out and leave me (BOC took me for a walk this morning!?). They tried their 'clever' trick of distracting me with a meat-filled Kong... which worked: I was distracted and eating the yummiful treat when I realised I was alone! I spent the time occupying myself... with sleeping in my nest.

My humans arrived back in the middle of my dream where I was chasing the hairy dogs with needle teeth who stare at me and make strange noises which sound like they have been caught in some machinery (kind of a iaaoouuww sound)... you know the dogs I mean? Anyway, my humans come in and GOF tells me it walkies time (again?! I am not complaining). So we go out. Back over the scary bridge: so many smells there! And she took me down the same path where BOC took me this morning, where I didn't want to go again! 'IT' is lying amongst those leaves and plants, I can smell 'IT' - I can feel 'IT', waiting and calling and 'IT' scares me! Humans don't understand anything about the otherworld! GOF drags me along anyway. She keeps making me pull her: so tiring. She says "heel" and then expects me to drag her along. When will she learn! Sometimes she gives me a treat when she says "heel" and I slow down to see what she wants. Training humans is really hard work!

We get back home, and GOF goes upstairs. I was going to follow her, but then I smelled this wonderful smell. I jumped up on the couch (because I can!) and there it was. Coming from GOF's bag. I had to open the bag with my teeth, just enough to get my snout in. Hmmm. A little packet of yummy, tongue-licking, soft meaty stuff. Except it wasn't at all like meat. It was sweet and sandy. I ate and ate and ate. Then GOF called me. But I was loving the sweet sandy meat too much. I just kept eating. GOF took my sweet sandy meat away! And said I was going to be SIK (?!) She said "who eats FOUR pieces of fudj!" Hmm yummy.

I started to feel funny. Not so good, after a bit. My head hurt. And my tummy. I squeaked for GOF to take me out, she called for BOC to take me outside because she was talking to someone called RO. I hid in my nest. I wasn't feeling good. Then. In my nest, I think I was SIK... It wasn't nice...

I don't think I will eat anymore sweet sandy meat fudj again. Hey! What's that smell? Sweet sandy meat fudj: my favourite!

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